The design of the Tri-Cities Hospice House and Counseling Center took into account three primary elements of the operation: Hospice/patient care, Counseling, and Administration. These three elements are linked together architecturally by way of an integrally designed linear corridor system.






The overall building design for the Hospice House evolved into a “U” shaped building form creating an outdoor, private garden area where patients of the facility can enjoy the water garden and pleasant, peaceful surroundings.

The building includes hospice patient rooms, family “living” rooms, nurse areas, a full reception area and complete counseling facilities.




A non-denominational chapel is present at the visual center of the facility illuminated from without by radial glazing and from within by a triptych stained glass panel.








The project complexity was amplified by a very restrictive building site, which was overcome with a creative configuration allowing the facility to be accessed 24 hours a day for visits, yet secure during non-daylight hours.