The design of this facility was conducted so as to emulate that which the owner manufactured on a daily basis.  Thus Terence L. Thornhill, Architect incorporated exposed structural steel and other "raw" building materials.










The detailing at the corners and elsewhere around the structure provide an "edginess" that speaks to the high tech nature of the owner and the owner's business interests.










A strong entry statement was created utilizing a storefront system with a cadence of glazing around the entry doorway - signaling a welcome and inviting signature.









Stucco was utilized at the end walls - detailed in such a way so as to identify the corporate logo of the owner.















High tech materials were also utilized in the interior spaces to create a common thread of material usage - tying the

exterior to the interior.


















High ceiling areas were developed in the main entry foyer, coupled with the use of exposed structural steel to further promote the nature of the business and make a

strong architectural statement.