Terence L. Thornhill, Architect was retained to design  this 52,000 sf single tenant office building in 2006.








A technically advanced computer room exists to provide clean network support to the occupants.










The exterior materials feature articulated stucco detailing and parapet features.






The facility accommodates private offices around the footprint perimeter with cubicle style offices in the naturally daylit interior. 

The building consists of a steel structural frame with elevated

concrete slabs.








A definitive entry statement welcomes employees and visitors alike to the professional atmosphere within.



The exterior is landscaped with low maintenance plants and is accented by a large

exterior patio area accessible to the building occupants.

The patio is connected to an adjacent public park for lunchtime walks and nature observance.






Energy efficient design was  incorporated throughout - via the use of highly efficient exterior glazing, HVAC systems and climate control.