The owner on this Round Table franchise approached Terence L. Thornhill, Architect Inc. P.S. to perform design services on the new Richland facility - this after completing work on both the Kennewick and Pasco

Round Table Restaurants.









The site for the project was particularly difficult with easement, groundwater, access and setback issues - all of which were resolved successfully.  The owner desired a new, upscale look, which gave Terence L. Thornhill, Architect motivation to incorporate exposed structural steel extending and covering the outdoor play area.













The exterior materials consist of stone and stucco along with the barrel vaulted standing seam metal roof system.








The interior finishes generally followed the corporate Round Table standard with some significant exceptions - one of which was the incorporation of a black suspended acoustical ceiling system with developed soffits.  This ceiling system gives credibility to the statement that "nicely detailed ceilings (and buildings in general) do, in fact, sell pizzas".